Are you aspiring to be a trader?

Well, in the trading world, it is important to figure out what type of trader you want to be. There are several factors one needs to consider in order to select the right path. Some of these factors include time, personality, size of the account, skill level and commitment among others.

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Day Trading

Day traders typically spend more than 6 hours each day to watch trade setups and short term price movements. They use advanced charting systems which are plotted by 45 or 180 minute intervals. At the end of an intraday, the trader will simply exit all trading positions which means once they shut down their computer systems, they don’t have to worry about any news and how it impacts the market.

Swing Trading

On the other hand, swing trading is more suitable for traders who are able to see the big picture and don’t have the time to sit in front of the computer to monitor charting systems. It is true that swing trading is not time consuming when compared with day trading. Swing traders can take trades which last for weeks and months. As a result, they will only be required to update orders once in a week finally reducing time commitment.

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If you haven’t decided what you want to be, EngineeringRobo Workshop is for you then!

If you are not investing your money / time to get a proper crypto training, You will lose money / time more than you think by learning yourself! It will cost you a lot. Never too late to learn how to trade from crypto experts.

Can you make 25% profit every month consistently with EngineeringRobo?

I know it is so hard to do it every month!

But if you do, it is the profit below that You can make it.

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One of the biggest misconceptions — Bitcoin has to move up to make profit.

Bitcoin doesn’t need to move up for you to profit — it just needs to move. Any which way is good provided you can identify the trend. The shorter the time frame, the greater the risk of getting liquidated — but the quicker the payday. Dont forget it!!!

If the crypto winter has placed your altcoin trading on ice, you were never a trader to begin with. Any fool can make money in a bull market, but bear markets are where knowledge is gained and future profits are carved.

If there’s one thing a bear market’s good for, it’s homework. While the benefits bestowed by technical analysis (TA) can be debated, no trader in their right mind would consider margin or futures trading without a basic understanding of it. Start with the basics such as moving averages and RSI, and then move on to ichimoku, fibonacci, and all the rest.

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