EngineeringRobo — Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Advantages of using the EngineeringRobo?

🔴Reduce your required screen-time
🔴Reduce anxiety over missing setups when you are busy
🔴Get a second opinion from 7 different Robo Advisors
🔴Find comfort in knowing that you have Robo Advisors on your side
🔴Eliminating emotional trading
🔴Increase profitability in any financial market

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How do you access Engineering Robo?

🔵1. Login to your account

🔵2. From the homepage,click on ‘Chart’ in the top navigation bar
🔵3. Select “Indicators” on the top-center-middle panel
🔵4. It can be found by searching “Crypto Engineering ⚡” in the public tradingview indicator library
🔵5. The indicator will be added to your chart after It approves by CryptoEngineering

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Who is the best Robot in EngineeringRobo family?

🔴Each Robot has its own strengths and weaknesses

🔴Some Robots work very well on 1D charts
🔴Some Robots work very well on 1W charts
🔴Some Robots don’t work on sideways markets
🔴Some Robots give you options to change the inputs to customize their signals
🔴So, It is your responsibility to find the best Robots to fit your trading strategy

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Should you follow every signal alerted from EngineeringRobo?

The timeframe and other factors are relevant, however, high frames will always win. The higher the frame,the less chop there is.
Strongly recommend you to focus on 3D — 1D signals if you are a swing trader in crypto, Investors 1W.
If you are a day trader or scalper, I tested the Algo with around 130 people, 3H works perfectly as well. I don’t recommend below 3H candlesticks.

Does Engineering Robo repaint?

The EngineeringRobo indicator displays seven different signals for entry and exit on a coin to maximize its profitability on the chart.

This indicator does NOT repaint, but it will flash on/off during the current bar until it closes because it is a live data! The signals “ can appear at any time during an open candle “ , but once closed the signal is final and “ WON’T CHANGE “ in the future.

Don’t enter a trade until the current bar closes with a signal if you want to make sure 100% on the signal. You enter at the open of the succeeding candle!

Can I win all the time with the Engineering Robo?

There is no such thing as a trading plan that wins 100% of the time.After all, losses are a part of the game.

But losses can be psychologically traumatizing,so a trader who has two or three losing trades in a row might decide to skip the next trade.

Engineering Robo dont skip it!

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EngineeringRobo is a Robo Advisor that uses a computer program that follows a defined set of instructions to create successful entry and exit ideas to users!

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