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My portfolio is split into 5 tiers and I move coins between these tiers based on my feel for where they are:

Tier 1 — Stable Growth Coins
The projects I believe will exist in 3–5 years, lead the market and demonstrate stable growth. They will usually be +$1bn and top 20 by market cap. My goal is to buy into these and accumulate more coins and tokens.

Tier 2 — Developing Stable Growth Coins
Projects I believe have the chance of becoming tier 1 projects, they will usually be +$200m, top 25 by market cap and demonstrate stable growth. My goal is to hold onto these until either they become tier 1 projects or if they fail, trade out based on TA to accumulate more Tier 1 coins and tokens.

Tier 3 — Emerging Stable Growth Coins
These are projects which I believe have the potential to grow through the tiers; they will usually be +$50m, top 75 by market cap and demonstrate stable growth. I will trade for growth and monitor for stability.

Tiers 4 — Volatile Short-Term Investments
These are volatile projects which I trade for margin and monitor for stability. These will be new projects with a potential upside or older volatile coins which are oversold. My goal is to trade in the short term to accumulate tier 1 coins.

Tier 5 — Speculative Investments
These are small speculative investments in small projects. They will usually be usually between $10m — $25m and outside of the top 75 by market cap. I will look to invest early and hold long.

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BTC monthly returns since 2014, it will help you to understand when is the best time invest & hold and sell.

Good traders can study all of TAs and figure out how to use indicators. However, smart traders are also listening to the streets of crypto ( Fundamental News ) , so to speak, as many cryptocurrency enthusiasts have realized that news and community emotions can move the price of bitcoin.

For instance, if there is a large exchange hack or some government ruling in the short term you can probably guess bitcoin’s price will go down a touch. If there is positive news like CME and Cboe opening futures markets some people bet the price would go up. Most traders are listening very closely to all that happens in bitcoin because they have a lot of skin in the game.

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Should I trade bitcoin or buy bitcoin? What’s the difference?

A lot of you have asked me whether trading bitcoin is better than buying it. The answer depends on your goals, and experience of bitcoin trading. If you’re looking to hold bitcoin as a long-term investment and check the price intermittently, it’s better to buy bitcoin. This way you benefit from a small, one time exchange fee and the assurance that you hold a physical bitcoin in your wallet which can be spent at various retail stores.

Trading requires daily technical analysis and a sound understanding of trading platforms. I wouldn’t recommend this unless you got a proper crypto education That said, there are benefits to bitcoin trading. It gives you the option to quickly scale in and out of positions, and take profits at a desired price. When you trade bitcoin, you can take advantage of daily fluctuations in price.

My honest opinion? Do both — start off by buying bitcoin at exchange, but learn to trade bitcoin so you can better take advantage of price movements.

Protip : Always Follow Cryptocurrency Security Guide

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